Medicare shoe program

What is the Medicare Diabetic shoe program?
Medicare recognizes that diabetics often lose much of the sensation in their feet. This, combined with a frequently diminished blood supply and a compromised immune system increases the potential for foot sores. These sores are very costly to treat, can lead to deformity and amputation and can usually be prevented. Properly fitted shoes with a deep toe box and appropriate insoles help protect the foot from irritation and sores.

Who is eligible?
Diabetic patients with a diminished blood supply, neuropathy, calluses and/or a history of diabetes related foot ulcerations.

If I am eligible, will I have to pay anything?
Medicare will cover 80% of the cost of the shoes and any needed insoles. Medicare secondary insurance will cover the rest. The policy of other kinds of secondary insurance vary. Call your insurance carrier directly with questions about the Medicare diabetic shoe program.

How often can these shoes be replaced?
Medicare allows one pair of shoes per year.

These look like good shoes. Can I get the shoes if I am not eligible by Medicare?
Yes though they would be paid for out of pocket by the individual, not by your insurance.