Postoperative instructions: wart removal

—Wart Removal

You have two alternatives for postoperative care. Use topical Amerigel cream or do Epsom salt soaks and then apply a topical antibiotic. We recommend using the cream as it is effective and a lot more convenient. It also shortens the healing time for most people. Amerigel works as an astringent to diminish the drainage and also has antibacterial properties.

Some discomfort is normal. Take whatever you ordinarily would for mild pain e.g. Tylenol. Call if you feel you need something stronger. Padding around the wound may also be helpful.

You can expect a watery drainage that looks like blister fluid from the wound bed for 2 1/2 – 4 weeks. There should be relatively little pain and only mild redness. If you suspect there is an infection (pain, redness, swelling or increased drainage) call to be seen immediately. Padding around the wound may relieve some of the discomfort when walking.

Amerigel cream—Leave the dressing on tonight. Tomorrow morning, remove the dressing and apply a small amount of Amerigel cream to the wound bed. Cover with a bandaid. Apply the cream twice daily until healed.


Soaks—Leave the dressing on tonight. Tomorrow morning, remove the dressing and soak the wound in a solution of Epsom salt or Domeboro powder solution (the Epsom salts are cheaper but many people report that the Domeboro is more soothing). Mix 3 tablespoons of salt per pint of warm—not hot—water. Soak for 15 – 20 minutes then apply a topical antibiotic (triple antibiotic is available without a prescription) and cover with a gauze dressing. Repeat twice daily for the first week then once daily until healed.